Monday, March 22, 2010

my dilemas of the moment

i am being faced with some minor dilemas. let me explain.

1. my dearest melissa. i love her dearly but she is causing me much confusion and frustration.  i know exactly where i want to live and how i want to live at byu and she is supposed to be my roomate... but it is becoming more difficult than expected. she just will not make up her mind about anything. and not to rush her or anything but she kinda needs to make a decision now. the end.

2. i have so many plans for my housing at byu but everything i want to do will cost some sort of money that i do not have at this moment in time. im trying to do everything as cheap as possible but my bad habits of buying clothing and shoes and other things i do not neccessarily need but just love are not doing me good. i need a very good paying job during the summer. the end.

3. casey. the end.

4. i feel as if i do not have enough time in the day to do what i want to do. there are so many things i would love to do each day but things come in the way and i very much dislike it. the end.

now here is a list of things im looking forward to in the near future..

1. the temple in the morning with kaytlin.  its her first time and im so proud of her. she is so excited and so am i! its going to be a good morning :)

2. california with the drill girls. i wanna just layout and have a good time. i jsut wanna be in the warm weather having so much fun.

3. dinner with casey and the parents for his birthday. and walking around temple square and reading him my letter. gonna miss him.

4. california with the family. i really think its going to be a good trip. my goal: to bond with every member of my family and get along with them all.  no more struggles.

5. changing my ways. i've already changed somethings around the home and i've noticed a big difference. i need to start really getting on top of things and doing what i know is right.

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