Tuesday, March 23, 2010

story of the day.

so went babysitting tonight and had just the funnest time. i love those kids with all my heart. i love that family! haha so im sitting eating dinner with them and little maceyn come up to me and asks "sky, when are you and casey going to get married?" haha i just laughed and said "well sweetie, not for a long time" she puts on a frown and says "but i want you to get married now!" haha so i ask why and this is what she says with the biggest grin on her face "cuz i want to play with you everyday and i want you to have babies for me to hold" :) haha she is the cutest thing! :)


Dylan and Melanie said...

Oh Sky! I can't believe she said that. Just don't let Casey know until he gets back home. Kids say the craziest things! And if it all works out to the way Maecyn wants it that would be fine with us. But I asked her about it and she said she did ask you and I said but what if Sky meets a different boy and marries him and not Casey will that be ok? And she said yes, if she can still come play. M:)

.just sky. said...

haha she is the cutest thing!! but yeah haha i love her and your whole family!! and of course i will always come play!! :)