Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Sisters Probably Hate Me! Yep!

I sorry! I know i have been just a slacker! Life is so busy okay?? So I'll give you a brief overview of everything that has happened... I hope i don't leave anything out!

So where to start... Um well Lets just do what comes to my head first haha. Well we had our boy girl dance at school for drill. That was probably the funnest thing ever! Of course i asked casey to dance with me. He did so good! So proud of my little case case. :)

Valentines day. Well it was supposed to be on a saturday but since that was the day of sweethearts we decided to have it on friday. The day started out with my little things. I wrote three little notes that were kinda the lyrics to our song but changed a little bit to fit our inside jokes and i put one with a rose on his car in the morning while he was doing baptisms at the temple. the second one i put in his locker with lots a candy and the third one i just gave to him and in it, it told him to go out to my car where i took him out to lunch at his favorite place, panda. So then after lunch we got back in my car and he gave me my valentines gift, but listen to how he gave it to me :) so we get in my car and he leans over and kisses me and while we are kissing he slips the present into my lap but i didn't even feel it! Then when i came back to start the car it was there. So i opened it and it was a bracelet he made for me! It is the cutest thing ever! I love it! And just the fact that he made it made it even more special! So then back to school. After school we went on a double date with kenz and tony. We went to nicklecade which was so much fun and then to kenz's to make pizza's and have dinner. It was candle lit and just amazing! I loved it! Then i took case outside for a second and gave him the letter i wrote him just telling him how much i appreciated him and the things i loved about him but he made me read it to him and don't worry by the end of the letter we were both in tears. Precious. haha and then we just watched a movie. The best valentines day ever! loved it!

The next day was Sweethearts. Also one of the best days ever! I went with casey and it was so much fun! We went to jump on it and then to his house for dinner where his parents made like the best stuffed pork chops ever! So so yummy! The dance was also just a blast! and ya i had such a fun fun night! He made it absolutely amazing and i will never forget it.

Well haha sweater swing... went with case :) But guess how i asked him!? Its so clever! I wrote a whole little mission call! It was super super funny! But we had dinner at my house, a bbq. Dad helped my decorate and it just looked great! And then we went to the dance and we got there real early so me and case got to use the entire floor to dance to our song! so so funny! After we went to kenz's and had chocolate fondue. I brought the best strawberries! They were HUGE! We watched the rest of the jazz game and then started hercules. Another amazing night!

We had state for drill which was just dumb as usual. We didn't do too great. But there was alot of cheating involved. Hilcrest won but they shouldn't have and it was proven later that they cheated and got their title taken away and it was rightfully given to Bingham. We also found out that lone peak cheated at region but nothing is being done about that. dumb but oh well.

The Draper temple open house was amazing! I went first with all the young men and young women and then a second time with casey. It is so so pretty and just incredible! The brides room is my all time favorite. I really could just stand there for ever and never get bored! I can't wait till i stand in the one in the Salt Lake Temple to get married to... To be announced. haha. I love that temple! I can't wait till that day! But the temple open house and dedication were both amazing experiences!

Math. Hmmm.. well last term was a pretty good term for me! I got a 90% on two of my tests and a 105% on one of them. So i did real good im so happy but now im studdying for the AP AB Calculus test and im so scared for it to be honest! SOme of this stuff is so hard but we'll just see what happens.

Well... Yesterday me and my family got home from Nationals. That was an amazing trip! I loved it! I loved having my family there. We Took first in Dance and Military which is freakin sweet! National Champs baby! We went to disney land on day and sea world another day. Both i love so much! Sunday my family and i went to church and to see the San Diego temple! That was so so pretty! I got a little tan, and burned of course but it was so much fun! I got to be with my family and the drill team and everyone was happy! :)

So casey leaves tomorrow for the Philipines! He's going there to pick up his brother off is mission and will be gone for two weeks. oh did i mention no internet or cell phone service? ya but its okay :) just some time to miss him and as angela says "separation makes the heart grow fonder" hahaha but i am sad that he won't be here for his birthday. The big 18! But i am getting him the best birthday present! Taylor Swift Ticket! He claims that she's his fiancee hahaha that dork whatever. But i think we be pulling an all nighter tonight getting him ready to leave. I so excited for him! :)

Well that's my life right now haha pretty great i know. And i promise i'll be better at staying updated. If there is anything you think i missed or know i missed and want to hear more about just let me know! Love you alll!!!!

Oh and kellie did amazing on our house! It looks all just so brand new! :) Thanks girl love ya!

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Jamie said...

You went to PANDA EXPRESS???? Don't you remember how many calories are involved???? J/K!!!! I do have to agree...your life is pretty AMAZING right now, you lucky girl. But...you do deserve it for being such a good girl, I'm so proud of ya!

I miss you so much (*sigh*)...maybe you could call me when Casey is gone, remember I ONLY live two blocks away. *sniff* *sniff*

Please don't be a stranger...I LOVE knowing what is going on in your life...even if it is only through a blog since I NEVER see you!

I almost called you to go to Zumba tonight with me, but I just thought to myself..."she probably won't go", so I didn't call...how sad is that???? K...is that enough of a GUILT trip? You better call your BIG sis! Muah!