Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Wow yesterday was for sure a day of ups and downs! Yesterday was region for drill and we gave it our freaking all! It started with military. That was amazing! none of us messed up it was pretty much flawless! Everyone hit everything! it was incredible! Next was dance routine. it felt so so strong and the energy was insane! I think we did very very good! ite was definitely my personal best. And as for kick routine. We killed. no. SLAUGHTERED! I felt like everything was as big as we could possibly do it. We had the most fans there. I love my school! And our families. All my family was there! I love them so so much! We definitely left it all out on the floor. It was so cool to see all of our boys wearing our jerseys sitting there on the front row. i love them all! Awards. Hmm. you know, we did beat them in military which we've never done so that was amazing but it was at that moment that i really thought we had it. This was our year. Our turn. But we got second in the other routines and took second in region for the seventh year. Last night was hard. But im so grateful for my family, my school, my team, and casey. They all made me fell so much better! My sisters. I can always count on them to make me smile. They all gave me huge hugs and even did a little dance with me :) I love them so much and they have no idea what they mean to me! I love having my mom, dad, and brother there too. they have been just amazing supports in my life! After the comp. Casey and Darren took me to Taco Amigo with the drill team for dinner. It really helped all of us forget about it and just have fun as a team. When i got home was even better. Jamie my sweet sister wrote me an amazing letter which really helped me and gave me chocolate :) she knows me :) Then i took a really nice bath then casey called. He told me to go out my front door. He left me a single rose. He is so so sweet and im so grateful for him! So last night was an emotional rollercoaster! But in the end i know i did my absolute best and i wouldn't change that for anything. Oh and it felt so great to sleep in and not go to school!!! thanks mommy and thanks daddy for breakfast! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! :D

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Jamie said...

I am glad that you found all of the positives out of yesterdays events...and found what really is important in life....family, friends, fun, etc. Mom told me what your critiques were...maybe next time you all can tuck those GIANT thumbs in, sheesh! What were you girls thinking? LOL.
Love ya Sky....I am so glad you enjoyed the chocolate AND the letter, I just NEEDED for you to know that I was so proud of you and that I KNOW that you all did your BEST!