Friday, April 3, 2009

Mixed Emotions

I got the tickets!!! 19th Row baby! Im so so excited to give these to Casey! That's a great 18th birthday present i think :) That that got me really excited today. But before that i was pretty down. Casey called me from LA at 11:15 and i talked to him for almost 2 hours before he got on his flight to Taiwan. And that was our goodbye for the next 2 weeks. Im not depressed depressed cuz i could totally live without him for a while... just the fact that im gonna miss his birthday and him... haha ya. But then tonight i got 2 e-mails from him! One to his family and me saying he was safe in Taiwan and that his plane had not gone down.... STERLING! And he just said they were confused because they couldn't read any of the signs hahaha Then he sent one just to me... It was short but i enjoyed it!

So i take the ACT tomorrow... Yuck! It's my first time and pretty sure im going into this one just prepared to see what its all about. Yes i did study but we'll see how far that takes me!

Im really looking forward to st george with the family! That is going to be a fun trip i can already tell! Its gonna be great! :)

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