Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wow. thats all

I know i know! Life is so so crazy! I really am never home anymore and i have no life whatsoever! But this is what has been going on. Drill. school. drill. sleep. eat. drill. drama. competition. partying. drill. oh and more drill. School is a killer right now with all of drill going on and wanting some time with friends and trying to fit in a few hours with the family before i jus crash in bed. I cannot wait for Christmas break! like you really have no idea! My body is DYING right now! it hurts so so bad! But we have competition on saturday so all this hard work will pay off... it did last week. PS. i have now put up a new Vikettes blog so you can all see how practice is going and all our competitions. So just look under my buddies list and you'll find it. Im so proud of our team and how we are doing. Love them so much! i miss my family though.. i never see them and i know that some of that is my fault and im really really sorry. Life is so so crazy! im starting to get caught in a lot of drama too which is exhausting let me tell ya! But im trying to stay out of it. This next week i just need to stay focused on getting sleep, my grades up and just being the best i can be! Oh man i can't wait for christmas!!!!


Kellie said...

AMEN to that! I think that we are all ready for the Break!!! Love ya Sky!!!

Jamie said...

So you going with me to the gym over Christmas Break is out of the questions???? Darn! I was really looking forward to having a workout buddy! Love ya Sky....hang in there, I wish I could tell you that life gets easier, but it doesn't....at least you will be ready for the *real* world, right? Good luck at your competition...I know you will be AMAZING!!!!!