Saturday, December 13, 2008

I want this!

We had competition tonight... Yeah wasn't the best day of my life. Im actually really really frustrated! This was our day to make everyone else scared but i feel like we absolutely threw it all away. We didn't even place in any of our dances. And yes we had some really challenging things happen today but its really no excuse some of the mistakes made were because of carelessness and lack of concentration. I want to win this year and i'll do whatever it takes but if thats not the attitude of the team... why try?? I will say we were very unified today going through the trials we did but i think we just let them take over and we lost it. We need to stay strong and bring it everytime no matter what!!!!! I WANT TO WIN!!!

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Nate & Amber Kozlowski said...

Sky I found it! Last night was very frustrating. I completely understand how you feel. I think if we work hard we can still win region but I will just let you know that you should look forward to next year!!!