Saturday, January 3, 2009

Best Week!

This has probably been the best week of my life! It has been so so so much fun! Monday and tuesday Halle stayed with us, even though she was litterally attached to my hip we had so so much fun! On monday we painted my bathroom Bright green and sky blue! its so so cute! Then Halle got to meet some of my guy friends (Tony, casey, and Darren) They came over and we played guitar hero world tour. They are so so so loud! but so funny! Tuesday was kinda a boring day to be honest. Not much to do. But that night i went and babysat misty's kids and then i went to katies and we just played games. Wednesday. Like one of the best days. I got ready, then me and kenz went shopping and i got some really really cute clothes and a brand new outfit for that night. Then i got ready again and Casey came and picked me up and we went to katie's for New Years. We played all kinds of games and watched some of the specials on tv. Then, Katie's dad owns Alreds the hardware store and so we went there and played capture the flag! It was the funnest game of my life! We played there until about a half an hour to midnight and then went back to katie's and watched the ball drop and everything. And we all just went crazy when it became midnight. We had sparklers and everything. We ran outside and just went wild... and yes... I got my midnight kiss :D haha me and casey's first kiss too. Anyways, i went home and went to sleep. The next morning me and all my friends got together again to do our math extra credit. We had to watch this movie and durring the entire thing we were all trying to keep each other awake we were all so so tired. The rest of the day i watched tv and took a nap with my parents. Then Casey invited me over to play games with his family. They are so funny haha that was fun. Then we went to tony's and had a little talk with him and played some xbox and then off to home again. Yesterday i helped mom take down all of our christmas decorations. With our new couches and everything cleaned out of the family room it looks so so BIG! Our new couches look so good! After that i kinda just did whatever i wanted around the house. Then a bunch of my friends came over and we watched the Utah Sugar Bowl game. Good game. And then we watched Eagle Eye. It was really fun to have them all over. Then i didn't get to sleep till like one thirty haha. today is going to be so much fun! Casey is going to text me when he wakes up and then we are going to play and do whatever today, then Me, Casey, Tony, and Darren are going to the BYU game! :) Front row baby! Im so excited! We're going to dinner first and then to the crazy game! Its supposed to be the best game of the season! and we have front row tickets! YES! I don't know what we are doing after that but today is going to be a good end to the amazing break! Then when the break is over its eat, sleep, breathe drill! Region is too close to concentrate on anything else! Im so excited to work my freaking but off and watch lone peaks faces when we win!!!!! AHHHHHH! I WANT TO WIN THIS! SO excited! But yeah that's been my amazing week! haha I only wish we could have had some kind of party with the family. That would have made it perfect but who know's maybe sometime soon. :)


Kellie said...

Holy Crap woman! How could it be the best week? You didn't spend any time with me? So who is this CASEY??? You know that he is supposed to take the Brother-in-Law and sister test before you kiss! I think you need to visit the Bishop!

Kellie said...

BTW, love the top pic... Mom must have dressed you and did your hair that day!

Jamie said...

WOOHOO Skyler, what a week girly! I am glad you had a great time and that you got a little smoochy smooch. I am with Kell however, why haven't we met this guy YET? Don't you know you have FOUR Mothers? HA HA HA! Does OUR Mother know you are playing lip tag? NAUGHTY NAUGHTY!!! LOL...totally kidding, just have to give you some grief, love ya!