Sunday, November 16, 2008

Im not dead!..... Yet...

I know i know i know! My sister's pretty much hate me right now! I sorrys! I really have not been home the past like two and a half weeks. Ask my parents! They never see me anymore. Its sad but true! Our first drill competition is in two weeks and we have been pulling in 22 hours of practice a week to get ready. Now put that with school and homework and the dishes and laundry i should be doing and of course, sleep! I have been working my butt off though! I don't think i've ever practiced so hard and wanted to win so badly in my life. This is our year! I cannot wait to go to all our small competitions and prepare for the day we face lone peak at region! Like i really cannot wait! I eat, sleep, breathe drill right now. All i listen to is our competition routine songs. I sit in class and go over counts in my head. Pretty sure its taking over my life!! But i love it! Its keeping me away from stupid stupid boys and getting in trouble. I do miss my family though! You know what i can't wait for??? Black friday with Jame Jame! Im so so excited especially cuz this year i'll actually have moneys!!! hahahaha But that is really all i've been up to the past few weeks. So its not too much of an update but hey at least i got one up haha! Love you :)

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Jamie said...

WOW girl....glad to hear from ya! Now you have me super bummed because we probably aren't gonna be here for black friday...*sigh*. I think we are gonna head to Mesquite after dinner at Misty's...*sigh* (again). Maybe you could come with us? Shopping in St. George on Black friday should still be fun, eh? Hey, even if we don't go on that day though, we ARE gonna go shoppin together...email me your schedule and I will try to pencil myself in, lol. Love ya babe...keep up the great work, I miss ya...but just know that I am super PROUD of what a motivated girl you are....I can't wait to see you in competition...don't forget to invite me!!!!