Wednesday, October 29, 2008


On monday mom had surgery. She got a hip replacement. The surgery went great and yesterday she walked up and down the hall. Dad of course is being his usual goof off self and bugging her to death but you can tell she secretly loves it :) I can't wait till she gets home and is all better! :) I bought some flowers but i bought so many that they just gave me a whole bunch of flowers and i was in charge of putting em all together in the vase! I was getting so impatient with them! It took me forever and a day but i think they turned out good :)

Last night we had our pumpkin carving contest with the young men and young women. That was a blast! I made a disco ball pumpkin! :) Everyone was so so creative and there were some really neat ones!

Its a new term and my seminary teacher asked me to be our class president. Im so excited! I love seminary so much and i have so many ideas. Im jus so happy to be a part of this amazing church! :)

Can i tell you a secret? I have an addiction. I consume it when im deppressed. I consume it when im sad, or when im having an off day and need to jus think for a while. I also consume it when everthing is great and going my way. It is my anti-deppressant and my celebration party. it is...... DOUBLE STUFFED OREOS. Wow like really i love them more than any other thing you put in your body! I could eat them all day everyday if i really had the desire to die of obeisity. But really they can make me feel better in any situtation or mood. I just love them so so so so much! But it has to be the double stuffed or they aren't my favorite anymore. And starting saturday i can't have them for 3 months! :( i must consume as much as posible before... :) Oreo party! Who wants to come!! :)

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Jamie said...

Well....since I just consumed a Chocolate Shake from Taco Amigo, I may have to pass...sounds good anyhow! Congrats on being the President of your class, you will do AWESOME! Love ya!