Sunday, September 14, 2008

my little TAZ

PhotobucketThis is my little brother Brayden. I love him to death. I call him Taz for short :) Sometimes we don't get along but most of the time he is my very best friend. I love going to all his football, baseball, and basketball games. He's an amazing athlete and puts one hundred percent into all of his games and practices. People say we look alike but we like to disagree... even though he is a good looking guy haha :) Im alot closer to him than any of my other siblings because im growing up with him. All of my sisters are older and i don't see them as often. I know im not the nicest to him all the time but i still love him. He jus has a way of making me smile. I love him so much and i wouldn't trade him for the world! love you dude :)

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Kellie and Sterling said...

Love the Pictures! Hmmm, who took those? Oh it was me! he he. Very cute post, I love you both... My little bro and sis are so stinkin cute!!! I wanna take your pics! I would love to do you and your friends too!