Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sweet Revenge

So on friday morning i got asked to homecoming by one of my best friends Austin Walker! I was so so so happy! I walked out to my garage like any other ordinary day to go to school when i noticed that my car didn't look the same as it usually does. It had blue and white streamers all over it and balloons all on the top of the car. On one of the windows it said, "I'd be pumped to go to homecoming with you!" and one the other window it said, " pop the balloons carefully to see who asked you". So jus not thinking i started popping all the balloons as fast as i could, not realizing that my door said CAREFULLY so come to find out all the balloons are filled with confetti stuff and now its all in my car... by the way i haven't cleaned it up yet. So now i had to search all the little tiny things of paper to see who had asked me... Me, Brayden, and Mom were all looking when brayden read one of em and he said it said "cozy" when really it said "ozzy". I knew then who it was. That is the nickname I've had for Austin since fifth grade. I was so so so excited when i found out it was him! I love that kid to death! So That night i decided to get him good! Me, Dad, and Mindy filled up enough pink balloons to fill up the excursion, which is twice the size of Austins jeep. Some of the balloons had confetti in them and one of the balloons had a paper with the word yes on it. So we filled his car at the school parking lot after he had left on the bus for the football game. The car was so packed with balloons that we had to leave some out. Most of the ones we left out we suranwrapped to the sides of the car along with making sure he had to work to even get in the car.... hahahahaha.... k pretty sure after we were done he had the best looking car in the parking lot! :) When we got back from the football game (that we won) i hid in the car and watched him come out to his car and pop all those balloons! It was so so so funny! Wow that was a really fun night! But im so excited to be going with Austin! I wouldn't want to go with anyone else! :)

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Kellie and Sterling said...

Any guy that has the chance to go out with you Sky, is the luckiest guy EVER!!!