Monday, September 15, 2008

Kick and Dance

So i jus kinda need to vent a little about what im feeling about drill right now. I love drill more than anything but there are jus a few things bothering me about it right now. First the people in our dances. I say that if they aren't getting it, can't do it, and aren't willing to try they should not be in the dance cuz its frustrating to everyone else who has it and has to keep doing it for those few. Second, I love both dance and kick routine. I totally agree that some things should be added and changed but i don't think we have to totally switch routines, change songs, and make up new dances. Its a waste of precious time and money. I love kick routine and i think once we all have it down and we add some more difficulty it'll be different and amazing. The exact same with dance routine! Ah! okay im done haha at least there is one good thing to all this.... im learning patience :) haha

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Jamie said...

Yes...patience is a good thing. Deep Breaths, my dear, Deep breaths! HE HE HE