Monday, September 15, 2008


I been thinking alot today about my trials and why we have them. I've had a couple. Untill today i never rele understood the effect trials have in our lives. Heavenly father puts trials in our lives for a reason. They can strengthen us physically, emotionally, and mentally. But always they will help us spiritually. I've been going over my many trials trying to figure out why He put them in my life at that time and place and what i was supposed to learn from it. I haven't got them all figured out but im trying. I love the quote "bad things happen to good people" because its true. No one is perfect and we can all learn more by example, personal study, and yes, trials. Without them we are nothing. I personally believe we cannot progress if we don't have trials. From now on when i have a trial im going to look at it in a positive way and ask myself, what can i learn from this? What is He trying to teach me? what do i NEED to learn? I think that alot of my friends need to learn this... i think it would help them as much if not more than its helping me. Wow... they say you learn something new everyday haha i learned alot today!!! haha well pretty sure i just wrote my next sacrament meeting talk! Thank goodness for seminary tomorrow! :)

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Jamie said...

Wow Sky! If I could have only had HALF your insight at your age! You sure have a gift of knowledge and sensitivity...never let that go! Oh, and you are ABSOLUTELY right about looking for the good in every trial, because I PROMISE there is ALWAYS a rainbow after every storm!!! LOVE YA!