Tuesday, September 16, 2008


K im freaking out! I have my first test in calculus test tomorrow and im so so scared! We only have two tests a term but they are 65% of our grade so passing the test determines if i pass the class... im so so scared! Calculus is so hard and confusing and we have learned so so much in so little time that my brain hasn't had the time to expand so all this stuff is jus being shoved in there and if it doesn't explode tomorrow it'll be a miracle. Also, i think im so tired and im trying to do all these practice problems that none of them are making sense and confusing me even more! ah!!!! hahaha wow this is killing me! At least i got all the extra credit done. and... i don't have math till fourth period so i have like all day to study! okay im calming down a little bit, but only a little bit! Curse math!

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Jamie said...

Sorry dear...if you weren't such a smartie pants, you wouldn't have to worry so much! Just remember, go with your first impulse...don't second guess your answers!!!! You will do great, I have faith in you!