Monday, February 25, 2013


my focus has been all over the place recently. from wedding planning to house hunting to apartment hunting to buying a tv to watching the scale climb higher and higher... last night i couldn't do it anymore. yes a meltdown. i haven't slept because of late night calls with our agent or going out to see houses or just staring at this beautiful rock on my hand. and lack of sleep definitely doesn't help with the focus problem im having. heck... even this post isn't focused.

fact is, if i keep going the way im going my brain will go to hawaii without me a little too soon. so i am deciding to focus on one thing at a time at different times of the day. its my little experiment to see if it works! so for the next two weeks i will only think about what i need to do at certain times. like in the morning is workout time so that is all i am focused on. work is work time. planning time is planning time and sleep time is really sleep time! sound obvious and cheesy? it is but i think its gonna work!

also we have decided to save for a little bit longer and live in grandma harding's basement apartment for a few months :) its a good fit for us!

i mentioned hawaii... that is where we are going on our honeymoon! our dream spot and its coming true so at all times hawaii will be on my mind and keep me motivated to lose the weight i need to!

oh and not to mention the race i have in 16 weeks... i should probably start working my butt off for that!!

cameron is amazing and i am in love with my ring! he is the sweetest man and i love him so much and cannot wait to be married to him! really though!!!!! we are so happy! everything might get a little crazy but i just have to remember that everything is falling right into place for us :)

happy testing! :)

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