Wednesday, February 20, 2013

bridezilla who??

so it hasn't even been a week that we have been engaged and i've already come to the conclusion that i am pretty dang good at this wedding planning stuff! here is a list of everything that is done:

  • temple reserved
  • luncheon venue reserved
  • reception center reserved
  • photography reserved
  • dress bought
  • flowers underway
  • honeymoon completely booked
  • catering to be booked on friday
  • guest lists started
  • colors picked
i would say i am doing exceptionally good so far! and it helps when everything seems to fall into place just perfectly! we are being blessed more than ever right now! 

since all of the big stuff is basically taken care of we are starting our biggest challenge--

house hunting!

yes we are looking to buy a house and we are so excited! we have found a few already that we really like and are getting ready to put some offers down! it's so crazy but the funnest thing ever going through houses and looking at what we like and don't like. last night we found one we both just loved and took a little drive at 11:00 at night to go see it :) Engaged life is so much fun and married life is just going to be even better! :)

P.S. any centerpiece ideas are surely needed! :) 

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Beka said...

ummm i am so excited for you! if you need any help wedding planning i'm your girl! i pretty much have my entire wedding planned except the fact that i'm not even dating anyone ha ha.