Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mr. Hunt

Last night was super crazy! Cam and Cody went up springville canyon to go hunting because cam had gotten a late season tag. They got up there at about 1:30. At 3:00 I got a call that he had shot one!!! Yay! Except for its freezing, the sun was going down and it was just them two to carry it down. We called everyone we could and mustered up his dad, Preston, a kid Cody knows and my dad with his snowmobile. Going up there it felt like a rescue mission!! We got up there around 5, geared up and started up on the snowmobile as far as we could go. Then we hiked! To me, the hike was actually fun, but once we finally got to them, they wanted to be off the mountain fast!!! We hurried down with as much meat as they could carry, she was a huge cow!!! The snowmobile helped so much! We got down and heading home at about 7:30!! It was dark and they were frozen and starving!! Cam kept saying how surprised he was that I was up on the mountain with them! I loved feeling like I was part of it! Plus I love hiking!! We got food while the boys showered and warmed up then we laid down and both of us fell asleep!! It was crazy and exciting but I think everyone's a little hunted out... Until August :)

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