Thursday, January 17, 2013


i feel the need to update this blog here with all of our doings as of late.

when he goes to church with me on sundays, its one of my favorites! then we sit there and while we are thinking about the lesson... our brains wander to thinking about what kind of quesadilla we are going to make when we get home! this week was a refried bean/sloppy joe mixture and it was really good! he stacks his and they are giant! that night we made a really good raspberry cheesecake triffle and started our HP marathon at Brandon and Kenzie's! just so happens that the boys got hungry and were craving betos... it was sunday though... they were determined and we waited till midnight and they loved themselves some cow tongue tacos...mmmm??

monday started our crazy schedules with him working both jobs and school and me working all day and then laundry. it was a very long day but luckily i got to see him for an hour in between school and work and then after work! he walked in on me watching the incredibles and i may have burnt our grilled cheese. but i love holding him while he sleeps and we're still happy :)

cam and the boys are part of a shoot league and so we are at jakes archery every tuesday night to watch him shoot. i actually enjoy watching him do what he loves :) this week's was a little off because i was hungry and ornery... but he was patient and sweet with me and he made the night as good as all the rest!

last night and tonight he has work so not much of seeing each other :( but friday we have an exciting date planned :) Dinner and some planning... :) Life is getting better and better :)

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