Thursday, January 3, 2013

a little crazy

Here is my attempt to update you on all that has been going on!! It has just been so crazy and my computer has found a home at Cameron's house so I haven't been able to really blog! Life sure has been a wild ride! We have done so much and are just enjoying each other!!

A small update on us... we are doing so good!!! It's definitely different than we ever imagined, but in a good way! We have already been through so much and our love is grown immensely right now!! It has been so much fun to just date again... even though I am super anxious and getting a little impatient to get married, but he just laughs and teases me and we are in love!! :) I could not have asked for a better best friend! He is my everything and we are so happy!! He knows when he is going to propose, he tells me its soon and we are thinking about a May.... :) 

Well here is my instagram attempt in showing you what we have been up to...  it's completely out of order, but right now... im just lucky to get something up! 

hopefully i'll get in a blog remodel today too!

Christmas Eve with the best little brother!

Christmas Day festivities with my man!

He went hunting. They shot an elk. He's a hunter. He's pretty dang cute!

He took me for my first time ice skating! I fell once but did pretty dang good!! :)

We went sledding with my family and had a blast. How can you not have fun with him?? :) I may be a little obsessed with these pictures!

We went to the Zoo lights and saw big tigers!

He taught me how to make his favorite candy cane cookies! I wasn't a fan at first but now I love them!

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Kiley said...

well, you best be photo-shopping me into your wedding photos! can't believe I'm missing yours AND mik
s weddings. gah! But, still super crazy happy for you and cam! :)