Sunday, December 9, 2012

because im a slacker...

i feel like all i do now is update because i can't make it to my computer, or even my phone app, as often as i used to. possible bonus for y'all. so here's what happened this week...

i got sick. not fun. i had a head cold during the beginning of the week until about wednesday morning. tuesday night i was miserable. i thought i was fine until we went to watch a movie. sweet cameron just played with my hair and tried to make me as comfortable as possible while i tossed and turned, froze and then was dying of heat. wednesday night he taught me some of his mission remedies to make it so i could breathe. he is now dr. hunt :)

thursday i woke up with my stomach all in knots and ended up coming home from work and then was bed ridden the rest of the day with the flu... ish. i have no idea what it was but i though that tuesday i felt like death... thursday night i wanted to die! of course i stayed away from cam but... that basically sucked! so i spent the night, on the couch, watching halmark movies with the parents. great night haha.

friday i stayed home from work. even though i felt great, i just didn't want to have my stomach turn on me and i just needed to get better. i finally had an appetite so cam took me to get food and then cuddled me while we watched a movie and i attempted to take a nap. we made it to my parent's ward christmas party where everyone asked us when we were getting married. yep still no idea! we then took a drive up to our spot and looked over the gorgeous valley. the night ended with a yummy eggnog shake, bowling and homework.

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