Wednesday, November 7, 2012

my first surgery

the day came that i never thought i would allow to come...

i finally got surgery. AND got put under. two major steps on my braveness totem pole.

fyi: i got two fibroadanoma's removed. they are tumors (non cancerous) made up of tissue from the breast. they are very common in women ages 20-30 but no one knows what causes them to form. it has been predicted that an increase in hormones can make them get bigger though. a word from the learned.... do checks on yourself women! if anything seems weird, get it checked out. it may just be like mine, but its still a scary thing and you never know.

anyways, now about surgery. i had the whole morning to starve, watch country music videos and watch cute little sarah before me and my mom made our way to the hospital, the out patient center. i checked in and we waited to be called back. once called back they told me how to get dressed and i got to wear these awesome hospital boxers! i also got to do the lovely vitals and pee in a cup. then the moment that i was least excited for.... the IV. keep in mind that i have never had to have one, or have ever had surgery. i couldn't watch it and needed something to keep me distracted. i started talking to my mom about how i have only 7 days until he gets home!! one week! we talked about cam with the nurse... that is until i started to get really hot and light headed. mom says my face was pure white. they laid me down and put a cool rag on my face while she finished the IV. then they pumped air into my gown that was so cold and it made everything better. i blame the nerves. we then just waited for the doctor to come in. my arm was feeling really heavy... but maybe that was part of the IV deal? finally the anesthesiologist came in and when he put stuff in my IV it hurt... yeah because it had moved and was putting all that fluid in my arm... no wonder it felt like a hundred pounds! he put in another one in my other arm really fast and smoothly and then we were ready to go to the O.R. they shifted me from one bed to another and put a mask on me telling me it was just oxygen. i tried to just keep calm and was imagining how the whole putting me to sleep process worked and all the....yep thats the last thought i remember. i was gone. some "oxygen." i woke up with nurses all around me saying one week huh? how did they all know?! well at that moment i didn't really care and just told them me and cam's full story... i was a talkative little thing. i felt great though! no pain or sickness or anything. they took me to my room and went through discharge instructions, i put my clothes on while sipping on some really good juice and we were on our way home. i was feeling great. till about half way home and then i will save you the gross details but i guess i just needed to get all the poisons out of my system. we got home and mom made me soup with cheese and crackers and chocolate milk and it was so good! i continued to watch country music videos until Chad and Noelle showed up with a big get better balloon, a rose from my Cam and some kneaders food :) they are so sweet! i talked to them for a while until they left and my mom being the absolute best that she is and being my hero got me a burger!!! i downed that thing! it was so good! i managed to down pumpkin cheesecake and a doughnut too. yeah im so getting fat! i would say all went very well! I also am not scared of surgery anymore... well that kind at least :) one step at a time right? now i am just keeping my dose of ibuprofen going and am all wrapped up tight to keep the girls from moving.

a huge huge thank you to my mommy for being the best mom in the world and helping me get through this fear of mine. she is seriously the best ever! and thank you to my family! i love you all :)

pictures coming soon!

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Amy Ivan said...

this is mike and amy was reading so I figured I would too! haha it's funny working in same day surgery I can picture this perfectly!! haha makes me laugh! Glad all is well!