Wednesday, November 21, 2012

more mushy gushy

so im sorry to say but the mushy gushy isn't over... if anything it may get a little worse, but i promise to save you all from too much of it!

i can't believe it has already been a week since he got off the airplane. that is weird to me! i feel like it has been so long, but so fast at the same time! life has been absolutely wonderful! he is just amazing and we are so happy!

this week just keeps getting better. Monday we visited sweet Brother Gordon Taylor in his rest home and he told Cameron he was a lucky man. He has got to be the sweetest guy in the world! Then my parents took us out to Outback for dinner! That was sooo good! Then we headed to the gym and a movie after.

Yesterday he came and visited us at work and then we went out to dinner. Then after he went to the temple and I was at class we went on a double date with my brother to the new Bond movie. I love it, but was so exhausted so slept through most of it! Cam didn't care though, he just held me and tried to keep himself from falling asleep!

we are in love and so happy! life is so wonderful right now and i am so blessed! oh and no... we still haven't talked about the M word. soon though i think :)

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