Friday, November 16, 2012

busy being in love

After my sister telling me she was shocked that no one has heard from me in like two days, I thought I better come on here and update everyone on what is going on in my life right now!


This day was one of the craziest days of my life! I spent the morning cleaning my car, shopping, watching country music videos and watching the hours tick by. I went over to his house and talked to him with his mom over his lay over. The drive to the airport was so surreal. I knew that I would need the time to think and just be calm so I drove myself up. We got there, I think, with just enough time to talk about what's happening and make it so real that we were there. I had a really good talk with his dad up there waiting. He's team Sky :) Then the moment came. we stood there waiting, watching everyone file out of the terminal. Then I saw him. I couldn't believe it! There he was! I jumped up and down and was so happy! I watched him hug his family and then my turn. He gave me the biggest hug and we smiled. I bawled, it's fine. He said hello to everyone there, since basically the world was there! We took pictures and were super awkward. Walking out to the car he kept messing with me and I was loving it! He was knocking my knees out and pulling my hair... my best friend was home! We went to Costa Vida for dinner. He was just so cute I could not stop staring at him! My favorite part, he took my phone and texted "i love you" and then gave it back to me! Gosh I couldn't wait for him to be released! He went to the stake president's and got released and came back to the house. He said hi to everyone and then opened the clothes I got him. He loved them. We left and got drinks at Macey's and went to Brandon's for a movie. He held my hand and we cuddled. :) I was still in shock! He isn't really home!! but he is! After we went on a drive to the temple and talked. He kissed me :) We finally had to say goodnight and I got home to some amazing texts from him. What a perfect first night! He isn't too weird. Just a little quiet.


After being late to class, I texted him good morning. He was so funny trying to figure out his phone and download apps. I ended up meeting him and his family for lunch. First off I was exhausted and then he just seemed really nervous with me around his family like he would touch me. It was okay though, I just had to remember it was an adjustment. I went back to work for a bit and then met them at the AT&T store when I got off. We left to get my computer and then went back to his house to put music on his phone. He was starting to get closer to me again. Ryan and Ellie came to visit and I played with Ellie while he ate and talked with everyone. Then we left to go say hi to Clint. By this time his arm was permanently around me. I loved it! We finally felt like a couple again! When we got home, Brandon and Kenzie and Mike and Amy came over. We left to get Frozen Yogurt and that was so much fun!!! He is getting back to real life so quickly and so well! Then we watched a movie and cuddled. We already have a hard time saying goodbye. But it was so nice to just sit and talk with him for a while. :) I love him!

This morning I got two pictures. One of the sunrise over the lake and one of him hunting to say good morning. He is so adorable!! And we are in love :) 

Today we are taking a friend up to the airport and are just enjoying being with each other! 

Now the question you all want to know.... Yes, we still have the same feelings and want to get married :) But we haven't seriously talked about it and I have no idea when that will happen. Only time will tell :)

Overall.... I am the happiest woman alive, he is adorable and perfect and we are in love and happy :)

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