Monday, October 22, 2012


I had to put his email on here, just to show you all how amazing he is! He is my greatest blessing and happiness and words cannot describe the love I have for him. His mission has not only blessed his life forever, but mine forever and OURS forever. 

well hello hello to my family!!! ghahaha
thank you all for the birthday wishes they mean a lot and no mom hahah we are going to corpus today and so yeah hahah we can only go on p-day with permission and so i had to get permission as well and any way that is cool with everything that is going on at home and jimmy going crazy with the ducks to dad finishing the basemant to mom working like crazy!!! well yes its true this week i will be turning 21 what the freaking heck that is ridiculous i cannot believe it you know what else happened today?? Taylor Swifts new Cd came out hahahah YUMMMM!!!!!!  im fixing to get that when i get home hahaha but yeah so sounds like everyone is doing great and having some fun and anyway! um lets see this week nothing really happened i had my official last interview with president before i get interviewed for the last time down there in Mcallen so that is going to be really weird and wow it was a short intervieew and really touching so i get in the interview adn literally president always says well hows home whats on your mind nothing ok lets prray and your done really hahaah but this time i said i wanna see what you have to say so i sat there as i watched president think for a second and shared a experience of him and his boy visiting his mission sometime after he had served and in one of the wards this man came up to his son and said you don't remember me but you came to my house the last day that you were on your mission and bore simple powerful testimonoy of the restored gospel in the latter days and you left since than i have been baptized gone to the temple recieved the melchezidek preisthood and now serve in the bishopric and you have changed my life forever and so he promised me to go out and sprint the last part of the mission adn i will see that same experience it was cool and really it touched me we than conversed about going home adn how i can't give up right now these last 3 weeks will show by my works what my mission has meant for me and so he asked if i was ready to accept i said oh yeah! and than he explained how he was impressed by my progression throough these 2 years and at the end he said "well done" as i left that hollowed room i felt as if my Heavenly Father had been thankfull and accepted my work that i have done here in south texas and it made me really think how great the experience is going to be as i return to the that God that Gave me life and here the words "well done" " come ye blessed and enjoy what i have prepared for you from the foundation of the world" i hope and pray that my Heavenly Father is happy with what i have done i know my mission has not been perfect neither extravagent but i have done what the Father hath sent me here to do and im happy and i love it my mission has meant more to me now than it ever has i have a dear special place for it in my heart i love sharing the gospel and i know when i come home the Hunt house willl turn into a missionary home by that we are going to share the gospel really it brings so much joy and happiness and i really love it! i have been discouraged sometimes with myself as i read my patriarchal blessing stating i will bring many souls unto God at times i feel i have not brought in enough on my mission but you know what i have now thought i have my life to do this and i know that i will by all of your help bring our family into it and we ahve a ton of work to do so start thinking of names we gotta help i have already been thinkiing that we need to restore the medford side of the family i hear their crys and i know grandpa needs me now that i have experience to help them adn bring them back to the church its time adn im ready and willing to accept the call its so cool but yeah i will explain my thinking when i get home but yeah so how is eveeryone??? doing good?? i love you all man im bummed that i don't get to spend my birhtday with y'all when i have like 3 weeks left its tuff but easy hahaha its worth it!!! =D i love it hahah so yeah doing really good me and elder rupp are having a blast and i love him such a funny kid we are really to alike in odd ways but we look different but i feel like he is my other little brother don't worry jimmy not like you hahaha but yeah its cool so yeah thats me nothing new here just working away till the Lord of the vineyard says ok Elder Hunt you gotta go home everyone has left your the last one out here and you gotta go! hahahah well i hope and pray everyone is doing great write soon i love you all!!!!!!!!!! =D
Love Elder Hunt CAmo!!!! =DDD

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