Tuesday, October 16, 2012

he knows.


i've been lonely.
i've had financial worries.
i've had meltdowns.
i've been stressed.
i've been praying.
i've read my scriptures.
i've needed love.
i've been searching for happiness.

and lately....

he's sent friends to get me out and doing things.
he's sent bonus checks.
he's sent family to help me through and forget about time.
he's sent a mother and future mother in law to talk to.
he's sent his spirit.
he's sent answers.
he's sent cameron's love through letters, emails and the spirit.
and he's sent me the gospel of Jesus Christ and his infinite love.

i have no doubt in my mind that God knows me and what i am going through every second of the day. he knows exactly when i need a pick me up or a reminder to keep going. and without fail, he sends it. some may not come right away and some i don't realize are the answers to my prayers at that time, but eventually they come and eventually i do recognize those blessings. he knows. he always knows.

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