Sunday, October 14, 2012

birthday eve :)

it's about 28 minutes until my birthday and i should be sleeping. nope here i am wide awake and blogging.

tonight the family came over and i got to spend the entire night with my favorite people in the world! i seriously love my family more than anything! we celebrate me, tazz and cameron's birthdays and it was so much fun! we roasted hot dogs and had pumpkin pie and roasted marshmallows. i loved it!

mom also found my time capsule from when i was in second grade and so we opened it. that was so cute! i had pictures of my family in there and a letter i wrote to myself saying i was going to be an artist just like my grandma when i grew up and a letter from my mom. so cute and such a treasure!

i also got to finish a project that i wanted to do for cameron! i want to show it to you all... but i think it must wait until his birthday. so stay tuned :)

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