Tuesday, September 18, 2012

writing a book?

sometimes i read our story and think about how great of a book it would be. it would take me a long time to put that draft into something that an english teacher wouldn't cringe at, but it is a happy story and something i have been considering starting.

right now it's my book. my story. and i love it. i can't really think of too many people who have their entire love story written down. but i do.

as i write more in it i find myself more in love with cameron. and i also find out more about myself. i cannot wait till i get to read our story to him and add his side. also, to start chapter three.

watch for chapter three starting around november 14th, 2012 :)

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Emilie said...

Same here! Of course, the one that will eventually be on my blog will be a MUCH shorter version. I am also most of the way through an adaptation a piece of it into a children's fairy tale with Gospel messages embedded in it as well. I am super pumped about the very idea of someday reading it to my children. Since so much of it (names, setting, actual plot) will be different, it will ideally start out as their favorite bedtime story and then one day, when they're older, they'll realize who it's actually about.
Definitely go for making yours a real book! Good luck!