Monday, September 17, 2012

heads up

if you pay your tithing...

you get blessings!

just saying...

wanna hear the amazing story?
well... i was horrible at paying my tithing at the first of the year so i got way behind and finally in July wrote a check out to the ward with $$$$ this many digits... yeah, they were loving me that day! It was so hard to see all of that money leave my bank account! who wouldn't be sad about that? well that was back in July and so I didn't expect blessings but I just thought they would be nice ya know and I saw being able to pay for school as being my blessing. today i realized i was wrong. it just so happens that today i got a raise that was for the exact amount as I payed for in tithing back in July.

Trust in the Lord and his timing and you'll be surprised at what he has in store for you! :) :)

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