Monday, August 27, 2012

still here!

wow.... a week since my last post? You would think I had died or something. Not true though, i am still here and still madly in love!!! Just remember it's monday, email day, and we got to talk for a long time today! It was so wonderful! He is probably the funniest person alive and he is all mine! :) This is my new favorite picture of the husband...
Isn't he just the cutest? I sure think so! He is amazing and always can make me smile! Wanna know something else really cool? Today we found each other on Mormon.org! Don't worry, we called each other stalkers haha but he is just made for me i swear! :) Today he told me he was grateful that he is marrying someone with such great taste in music... yeah i know, i basically rock! Or as Misty would say... I'm totally rad! heck yes! :)

Now back to everything you all missed last week... Work was better than weeks before, PG won another game and Tazz cannot stop talking about his "sick juke." haha I am just loving football season! I babysat little Ambry again and she teased me for the full 4 hours! She is going to be a crazy one I know it! But so freaking cute! I made it to the temple which made me so happy :) We then had movie night that night and that was way fun! My friends are so great! We were all out by the end of the night! Pretty sure I bought the cutest outfit known to man. I need to put sensors on them so that my sisters don't steal them when Im not looking. really though. I met Elder Hamren finally!!! Oh my gosh. I wish that I could have talked to him more. It was a fast introduction to who i was and then bye. I wanted to talk to him all about the funny videos i had of him. He told me he approved of me so thats good! I also met Elder Sid and they are both such great guys! Then my cute cousin, Quinton, had his farewell and is leaving on Wednesday to England! I am so proud of him! He is a really good guy :) Now I am here. Back at work and craving Costa Vida like crazy. Yep... it's almost that time of the month again. BLAST. but you know... you only can eat the fatty, yummy foods every once in a while so you might as well enjoy! :) Thank goodness I went to spinning this morning! 

Guess what? I start school tomorrow. I am really excited for my Psychology class but still really nervous for school Like a little kid going into high school... its just new and I was so used to BYU. It will be good though and I am going to work so hard! Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be very long days! 

For the most part, I am very happy and just ready for my Cam to be home! Only 78 more days.. and it is just going to go so much faster with school starting and trying to just get everything done! I am going to stay positive and keep working hard! And trust in the Lord because it always works out! :) 

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