Sunday, August 19, 2012

No wifi

So here I am blogging on my phone because our wifi has all of a sudden disappeared.... Hmmm. But I do have much to talk about so hopefully no thumb cramps.

So to start off, Friday night was tazz's first varsity footballs game and he did great! I am so happy it is football season again! I have missed it dearly and now have something to do on Friday nights. He plays corner and wide receiver and is just a stud :)

Yesterday was quite eventful! I had a date with Walter that morning. We hiked up stewart falls and just talked by the waterfall and then had kneaders after which was so good!! He is so great and I had a blast! Then I got ready and went on another date with cannon and that was fun too!! We went to dinner then watched hunger games and then went to the park to just talk and play on the swings. They are both great guys and I had a ton of fun! :) don't worry! They are both just friends and nothing happened! Haha just for fun dates. Those are the best and you don't have to worry about anything.

I have been thinking a lot about what I am going to wear when I go to see cam at the airport and I get really excited because I will be skinny by then and skinny people can wear all the cute clothes so I am definitely going to be pinning a lot of fall outfits on pinterest these next two months :)

Ps. The eyelash extensions are coming back on my face :) Bronte convinced me to let her do them and so I am haha especially because my life is now spent at the gym and I'm done with wearing mascara haha so I am excited :) tomorrow is the day! Post pending...

I still am madly in love with my man and am still counting down the days! 87 everyone!!!!!! :)

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