Sunday, July 15, 2012


my heart is full today. 

mckenzie did an amazing job on her farewell talk. she is going to be an amazing missionary! i love her so much and i was definitely touched by the song that was sang by her and noteworthy. beautiful.

i got to go over and see cam's sd card today. he is amazing and simply completes me. i am scatter brained and he gives me structure. i have anxiety and he calms me. i get upset and he makes me the happiest woman in the world. he is my better half.

i read our patriarchal blessings one right after the other today and its amazing the blessings that are promised in both blessings. his is simply amazing and i am so blessed to be able to read it and see these promises come true. mine is perfect for me. cam's is pretty complex, then there is mine, simple and straight forward. i wouldn't want it any other way! 

there is one part i am thinking about. it talks about how i am blessed with a talent of writing and to write down all of my experiences. i have off and on written in a journal, but i wanted to share everything i wrote in there. hence, my blog. i know that some of the things i write in here are very personal and maybe not what a normal person would write for the public to see, but i am an open book and probably will end up just telling you about what i wrote in my journal anyways so i might as well just put it here. i hope ya'll don't mind. 

the lord loves me. life is wonderful. my family is amazing. my sweetheart is coming home soon.

and i am happy :)

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