Saturday, July 14, 2012

4 months officially

so we may have gotten word that cameron officially comes home on November 14th...

oh my word.

i could not be more excited! my brain has been going crazy the past few days thinking about the future, near future. especially yesterday.

at lunch we went and looked at a bed set for cam. it's so pretty. then noelle took me through Helen's house, the house me and cam want and we are trying to talk Grandma Susan in letting me rent it for the next 6 months, because they want to sell it. We already have 4 of us that could help on the rent. i really hope we can figure it out. the house is perfect!

not to mention i have a wedding to plan....

lots of prayer and doing the right things and all will work out!

i do realize that all of this is still so weird for some people, but im so past that point and don't care what people think. i know we are getting married and so why wait and have everything be stressful? no, im getting things done now. i am going to be prepared like the prophet commanded haha :)


Jesse and Alysha Lanham said...
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Jesse and Alysha Lanham said...

How exciting is that?! Good luck with the wedding plans :)