Tuesday, January 31, 2012

small thoughts.

want to know what i think?
too bad, you have no choice.

tanning is wonderful and makes me happy, and brown-ish.
negative people really need to figure out something to make them happier.
i have the best boyfriend.
pink everything is a necessity.
mitt should be president.
cherries and sprinkles on top of cake batter and thin mint froyo can turn your day around in a heartbeat.
i will visit a beach this summer.
me, is good
i am in love and you better believe im proud of it.
i really like salmon, never thought that would happen.
one day, i will catch a fish, cook it, and eat it all by myself.
general line isn't as bad as some people perceive it to be, i actually like it.
be happy, because... why not?

p.s. this post has an amazing amount of labels!

1 comment:

Beka said...

i like this! i think we should be friends :) also, where did you get thin mint froyo cuz i need some stat!