Saturday, January 14, 2012

maybe i should blog today.

fact: i did indeed get braces.
lie: i love them with all my heart.
honest truth: they are fine, managable and will be completely worth it.

fact: i did send off Cam's letter today, which is considered late.
lie: i got the most amazing letter today.
honest truth: no letter today and we will both be fine with our letters coming late.

fact: i am spending hours uploading songs to itunes and the nooks.
lie: i have enough music.
honest truth: why don't we have background music playing everywhere we go like in the movies? i will make sure i remember that for when i make my own world.

fact: i find myself obsessed with frozen yogurt.
lie: i worked out today.
honest truth: i should have worked out but, i would rather stay in sweats and eat yummy food today.

fact: my parents are going to hawaii.
lie: i am going with them!
honest truth: i am seriously considering packing up my things and heading out to somewhere warm where i can lay out on the beach and play tennis as much as i want.

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