Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hunger... Dreams?

You know you spend the whole evening reading the Hunger Games when...

You become Katniss in your dreams!

Well, kind of. It was really nothing like the Hunger Games, except for Peeta and Gale!

I was at a huge BYU party, a pretty rebellious party for BYU now that I think about it, and in walks "Gale." Now want to know the weirdest part about Gale? He is this boy (who shall not be named). We danced and laughed and I was having the time of my life (and we possibly had a few secret kisses). Then, the boy with the blonde hair, "Peeta" (who by the way did not resemble anyone I know) came and took me onto the dance floor and we had so much fun and he kissed me! What? So we dance and kissed and laughed some more. I could see "Gale," keeping his eye on me, but still enjoying the party like he knew this is how it would be, me with two men. "Peeta" asked if we could go get dinner after the party and of course I told him yes. I went and got ready really quick for dinner, because I guess the party was at my "loft." haha and then everyone was leaving and I noticed "Gale" limping, and I knew he had a bad knee (interesting how cam has the bad knee in real life) and so I ran to him to see what had happened. I was hypnotized by his eyes and smile and told him I would not go with "Peeta," but would go with him to get his knee checked out. "Peeta" was completely fine with it and it seriously was like they were okay with both loving me and me loving them both. So "Gale" put his arm around me and "Peeta" helped me get him down the stairs with his bad knee and then we left and that was the end.


hahahaha sometimes I get so worried about the weirdness of my dreams! But they sure are entertaining...

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