Sunday, November 13, 2011

still a wonderful day

so yesterday may have not turned out exactly how I planned it, but it was still so wonderful! It started out with a great workout at the gym, i am definitely sore today! then getting ready and putting on my cute rainboots. me and kayt headed out and played around at Savers a bit, did some roaming around the mall, a stop to clean the car and an icee, and off to the wonderful boutique we love! then the hightlight of the day. we come home and find out pizza wont be there for a good hour, so what do we do? go bowling! why not? We took so much video and it is hilarious! I will have to cut it and edit it a bit but i will eventually post it! then back home to some lovely brick oven and private practice. then back out where we needed to get things for our huge chocolate chip oreo cookie! They were amazing!!!! I texted cole and told him he was missing out. we ended up going out again to go pick him up and bring him back for cookies and the byu game, which was kind of lame because we killed idaho, but oh well. it was still fun and he is getting more used to being home! we talked for a bit and then i took them both home, some scripture study, and time for bed!

I would say yesterday was a wonderful success!

365 baby!!! :)


Jamie said...

Pizza and cookies AFTER making the effort of going to the gym on a SATURDAY??

Beka said...

ok the chocolate chip oreo cookie sounds delicious!!! Can I get the recipe?