Saturday, November 5, 2011

its saturday.

after a wonderful, food filled night with miss kenzie last night i woke up with a headache, not wanting to workout and ate some delightful lucky charms.
i did, however, manage to muster up enough motivation to clean my bathroom. don't know how that worked out because you could barely even open the door, but it happened. shocker right?
also, all morning, and all yesterday for that matter, i have been contemplating getting an iphone 4. issue: i don't want to pay the $ for it. but i want it so bad! if i can't get the price down it looks like i will be settling for a cute new cover for my older version iphone.
my brother is showing me no love in not letting me go to the mall with his friends, bummer. i will probably still go anyways.
last night ended up more successful than i was preparing myself for.
i weighed myself this morning, seeing that i had lost 4 pounds, and then proceeded to eat 3 mini milky way bars... hmmm... that's my treat for the day/next week.
all of my make up and hair stuff is out in my car and i really don't want to go get it.
my dad is going to the one place i am trying to avoid because of my goals... but it is definitely my weakness. costa vida.
i can't wait for tonight and dinner with the family though :)
happy saturday!

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