Saturday, October 8, 2011

saw that coming.

this week has been pretty much swear words.

it all began with my lack of motivation to go to any of my classes this week. assuming i probably would have had other things on my mind any ways keeping me from paying attention. my letter from last week never came and now i am left wondering if he had anything important he was telling me in that letter besides happy anniversary. i have been overly emotional about everything and in every emotion possible. i expected this because i was bracing myself that this week would be my time of the month, but it never came. my love for fatty, sugary and simply divine foods came charging in to satisfy my emotions. maybe i am just having a body freak out since i am turning the big two zero next saturday. work started out pretty good at the first of the week, and by the end i had almost completely destroyed our servers, thrown my computer out the window and quit right there on the spot. not the best day at work on friday. we wont even discuss my friday night, i ended up just crying myself to sleep at 8:00 pm.

today hit full force. i woke up with a massive headache, caused by the night time tears. tried to study while getting very distracted with fb, pinterest and blogger. as i made my way down to byu, the provo streets were a mad house therefore making me park on the opposite side of the testing center. i took a 50 question test in 15 minutes, didn't do too bad on it either. i left byu at 10:50. landon's baptism started at 11:30. i booked it home, changed, and booked it there. the meeting was wonderful and mom did such an amazing job. i got to take a nap after the luncheon, wake up to a wonderful letter sitting in my mailbox, run and get the family food not being able to finish grey's (note that i was hungry so not in the greatest mood and my driving showed that) and took off for the hunt's home. we went to mike's reception, costa and loved me some transformers three in cam's clothes. and blogging to end my day.

after all that has happened, i have found the reason to all of my emotions and madness. usually i handle stress well... this week i wanted to just leave for a bit. but all of this leads to one verdict. i miss my cam. like i have said in earlier posting, this month is a rough one. just am waiting for that down hill slope to begin. it will though. and things will get easier i know it. but for now, let me miss him for a minute and i promise i will be back to normal soon.

i apologize for the venting session. it was needed. hope you all had a good saturday. go cougars! night night!

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Jamie said...

Awww Sky...I wuv you. I can only imagine how hard it is having Cam away for so long and how much you REALLY do miss him. I'm sure its like how much me and Clint miss him...times 100. That's A LOT! And...with the big 2-0 coming, COMPLETELY understand! I was there...I so remember the STRUGGLE I had with leaving the teens.
Now for my comforting words...Cam is EXACTLY where he should be, he is changing lives! One thing that has NOT changed is Cam's personality and his love for you! You are so lucky to have a love like that...that no matter what or where, it runs STRONG! I know and you know...you wouldn't have him be any other place. Be sure to keep yourself busy! Set monthly goals to consume your time and do everything you can to stick with them! Be your own little missionary, visit your awesome big sis, visit some of your good friends on a regular basis, strengthen your testimony...etc. As for turning 20. BELIEVE ME when I say...the 20's are awesome! You will embark on so many wonderful things in your 20's that you will cherish FOREVER! Don't ever feel alone or become sad...call me :) I'm always here and only two blocks away! Love ya bunches...hang in there! Before long you will have him home and your life will be complete and you will start many more DIFFICULT, but rewarding challenges in the future! Keep in mind...we are women, we do have emotions (especially strong once a month), we are entitled to treats...but too many just makes it worse and rainy gloomy days can be the pits. Enuf said :)