Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Dear feminine, pink button-up shirt man who did my hair yesterday,
I feel like I have to be completely blunt with you. Although you did an exceptionable job on my hair and I love it dearly, you need to work a little bit harder on your people skills. I understand that crafts are fun, but I think you were more worried about your little craft you were doing than getting me out at the time I told you I needed to leave. Yes, I could see you working on your little scrapbook in the mirror behind me. Also, let me remind you that human heads are not steel balls. I swear my skull was going to crack with how much you were squeezing my head while trying to massage it. I get back to my chair and it was sure interesting that the only time you talked to me, the entire process, was when you wanted me to buy the icky product you were putting in my hair, after I deliberately made note that I don't like using any product but leave in conditioner because it makes my hair too stiff... which I did end up leaving with stiff hair (point proven). So now you are round brushing my hair as I am now 25 minutes later than when I told you I needed to leave. I have now built a library with the reasons I don't like you. It was your next comment that made me glare at you, you asked if my hair was kind of what I wanted and I said, "It's pretty close, its hard to explain when I can't show you what I have in mind" then you say in your sassy high pitched voice, "well then you should probably stick to doing something you can only find in a picture so people know what you want." Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! I stomp off to change my clothes and am furious (note I haven't eaten dinner). I go up to the desk to pay and you ring me up. The price, at the time, did not seem worth what you did but I paid it anyways. But it wasn't until it was time to pay for the tip that you apologize for making me late. Thank you but, Im late and don't want to tip you ( i know, awful) so goodbye. I stormed out and raced to my movie, only making it in time because of my driving skills, no thanks to you. Not all is lost, you are good at what you do, but I wont recommend you to anyone until you work a bit harder on that attitude of yours. Thank you for yet another memorable experience.

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