Thursday, October 6, 2011

diagnosed with severe indecision.

this morning i was told that i have the worst case of indecision. this statement was made after spending minutes contemplating whether to get a wheat bagel or cinnamon sugar, i hadn't even began to think of the flavor of cream cheese.  i realize this is a problem and have self-diagnosed myself with the most severe case known to man kind.

Why am I indecisive? Fear, to be completely honest. I am scared of making a decision, thinking it is possibly the wrong one, something that others will not agree with or something that will ruin my life forever. I am fully aware that the type of bagel I eat on a Thursday morning will not make a huge difference in my surroundings, but these problems always start small.

My theory? It only makes sense to think that if I start making decision about everything and let not one decision go undecided by myself and others I will be cured.

My experiment? From this moment on, I will never say "I don't know" when asked to make a decision. I will weigh my options and just speak out.

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