Thursday, September 15, 2011

these adventures really need to end.

remember how me and noelle go on adventures during lunch? and how they usually end up being more of an adventure than we expected? yeah, well you think we would have learned by now. that would be a definite no. because of the rivalry this week between byu and utah, we decided it would be fun to go on our lunch break to get our nails done, me getting blue and her red (traitor). so we find the nearest nail place and since it has almost the same name as the amazing salon i regularly go to, why not? we even eat our lunch before we clock out to make it to our appointment. we should have turned around right when we saw the paint-chipped walls and nail polished stained floor. but no. so we pick our colors and they decide to put us on separate sides of the room (notice that we are the only ones in the salon and it is only about a 20x10 foot room). everything starts out normal. the filing, buffing, cuticle clipping... then it begins. usually when you get a manicure they will massage the crap out of your hand... not your upper arm and neck. so while we are sitting there, getting the crap beat out of us, being more stiff than if they had put us in a straight jacket, the little ladies are looking at us with wide eyes and  big smiles "feel good huh?" "feel nice eh?" well not really but okay. so then the nail polish starts going on. i don't notice how she is putting it on behind her wonderful compliments.. "loo how funny yo hair go like dat", "yo has no vein en yo hond", "ah dis nayl so prettay" (thank you that only one of my nails is pretty out of 10) "ah so nice huh?" Okay woman! first of all i barley know what you are saying and i am trying not to laugh out loud, second you are simply crazy. oh but then i notice the nails. you would think she was four. so after a base coat, two coats of polish (four if your a thumb) and a top coat, i am now left with blue polish all over my fingers, barely on my nails and a really cold fan on my body more than my fingers. lovely. oh but its not over. then she pulls out the sparkles and without my saying starts pounding it on my nails. another coat of liquid goodness. so now that i have air bubbles on my nails and now even more childlike done looking nails, i am waiting. after about a good 15 minutes next to the fan she comes over and pretends to brush over my nails, claiming they are dry, not touching the ones she put a billion coats on. finally on our way out, the lady says "aw so pretty huh? butiful nayls" alright see ya. well.... add that on to the list. hope you all enjoyed. moral of the story: if you go to royal nails, you will be happy but if you see they have added the word "too" to last of the name... run.

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Kellie-n-Sterling said...

Oh My Heck, I am laughing so hard at your Chinenglish. Ha ha, that is hilarious!