Monday, September 12, 2011

I don't find it that amusing.

Dear Haters,
The big game is coming up and I know you all are so excited! It is an exciting game! For students at both schools, we all have a right to have school pride and enjoy dressing up and going crazy, but for those who have never attended either school and still bash on one or the other... freaking shame on you, and you are bothering me. I feel like the only way you can bash on a team is if you have actually attended that school and have a plausable explanation of your hating. If you haven't either of these requirements and are basing your opinion of that school from somewhere other than personal experience, especially media, give yourself a break. I have no issues with supporting your own team, just don't bash others. Competition, not contention. Many Thanks.

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brittney said...

someone mentioned you were in search of my blog. it's still there, just a url switch. (: