Sunday, August 14, 2011

weekend on the water.

My family (mostly my dad) is the kind to just get up and go somewhere. Spur of the moment type of people. That's not so much my mom's style, but she goes along with our craziness. This time. Lake Powell. You know, I witnessed a miracle. The Sea Doos, yes the ones that have been in storage since oh... 2004!... were brought back to life. Something I thought wouldn't happen until Cam came home. What a wonderful sight of them attached at the rear of the motorhome in the back yard as I pulled in from work wednesday night. It was planned to leave early Thursday morning, but we couldn't wait. Packed and out by 9:30 pm. Please excuse my scattered summarizing, as time comes at hand I will write in more detail. After a long night of driving by 10:00 am thursday morning we were on the lake. Beautiful it is down there. The day was spent in the hot sun riding around. Gunspoint. Cliff jumping. the usual. As late afternoon rolled around we were exhausted and all crashed. Friday: boat day. Tazz tried a bit of skiing, Dad is pro. Me and Tazz in the tube was a thrill and being bucked off a few times. The ride was nice and relaxing, except when the swirly bubbles were around. We never saw the fish, but what ever made those waves and bubbles was huge. Not only were the fish out to get us but the lizzards! So many of them on the big rocks. Even with the bumpy waves the overall boating experience that day was wonderful. A small stop for Ben and Jerrys on the way back and then again, crash. Saturday, the day to come home. We were on the lake early to get all the good water so what do me and mom do? Flip the Sea Doo all the way over. Yes. We are kind of know for doing such things. I thought it was hilarious! You can ask mom what she thought...ha. We got it over and dad cleared out the water. The sand hill there is a beast and I am definitely feeling it in my bum. We did some exploring and playing, but we were bushed, and it was time. The trip home was long but bearable. I still don't sleep well because of a few sunburns but I couldn't have asked for a better weekend with the Fam!

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