Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Im all sweaty...love"

So the day started fantastic. Woke up with energy. Had a blast at kickboxing this morning. I love kickboxing. After watching plenty of episodes of Combat Hospital with the parentals last night and feeling my fighting spirit within during my class, I know that if you were to rip out my sensitive heart, I would be a "BAD A" Marine. That will never happen. I will be ready for the creeps if they come around though. Anyways. I came to work. Bagel Thursday is always wonderful! The morning went by fast and then lunch time. lunch time.. it started out great! My Healthy Choice Steamer Honey Sesame Chicken was so good. Glorious actually! Then out to my car to buy new rocks for my big camo! Oh... good thing my car wont start!!! The steering wheel is locked, my break is locked, it wont even putt putt. So I make all these calls and no one knows what the heck is going on. I call roadside assistance and they schedule a tow for after work, but I don't want that at all. So me and Noell sit in my black interior car for 40 minutes reading the entire manual and pushing buttons everywhere and we are dying of heat and sweat. Finally right before we have to go back in to work I put the parking break on and when the wheels lock, everything else unlocks and the car starts.... what? anyways it is working perfectly now and who knows what happened. All I have to say is that there better be a good reason we weren't supposed to travel to the store today or else my dear Phoebee is in trouble! I still love her though! So pretty much, no new rocks and a sweaty lunch. At least I sweated out some calories right? Oh the joys of tecnology.

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