Thursday, July 14, 2011

has it really been a year?

Indeed it has been a year. a year since my dear sweetheart opened his mission call! can you believe it. that felt like just yesterday when that happened. it is amazing how fast time goes by. cam going on his mission has made us stronger individually and as a couple. right now we are the strongest we have ever been. my stomach still tingles when i think about that day, anticipating the announcement of where the love of my life would be for two years. and i praise the mountains each day that he is in Texas, in the states. just one more part that makes all of this just a little bit easier. we are definitely different people now than we were a year ago but only for the better. happy mission call anniversary cam!

it is also cam's parent's 22nd anniversary today too. happy anniversary chad and noelle!

one more thing. tomorrow i will be a toothless wonder. yes, the wisdom teeth. so i may not blog tomorrow. just as a warning. pictures maybe to come...

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