Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family Picture Time

This is what happens when the family wants sonic and Kellie has a sonic sticker. Also it is beyond hot outside and a refreshing slushy is in dire need. Therefore, 15 drinks, a chicken sandwich an and ice cream cone for us.

The Sophomore team won the championship! They played the semi-finals game at 2:00 and won in the fifth inning 11-1 against Bingham. Then the finals, championship game was at 4:30 against Bountiful. They won them in the fifth inning 10-0! Way to go team! :)

These would be my two brothers. Aren't they cute? Please ignore my grossness. It was hot.

The triplets. Yes we do look alike. I love these girls so much. Just having a grand ol time at the family reunion.

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