Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunny May.

I have had quite a weekend! I don't know where to begin!

Thursday: I went to work and then to Tazz's game, which was a definite blow out. Poor Orem, they didn't have a chance. We got Cam's SD card and of course I fell in love with him all over again when I watched it! He is just amazing :) Except his mom wants to kill him because in the videos he is playing with fire and setting his hands on fire... yep he is still my same Cam haha! 

Friday: Went to work, then took a delightful nappy. Then Noelle invited me over for dinner and to watch the Royal Wedding, but so many people came over to visit that we really didn't get to it. We watched the  Ceremony and thats all. But it was fun being with everyone that came over! Except later that night we realized we had missed two calls from Texas and they were Cam at a members house and we were so upset, I cried that night. (refer to the "breakdown" post). Its okay though. I can miss him if I want to!

Saturday: I went over to Cam's really early so we could call that number back and we talked to the member, Sister Hoyos. She was such a sweetheart and said so many nice things about Cam! I loved that! Then they had prom to go help with so I went to Tiffany's dance competition (Tazz's girlfriend) and then we took her to lunch and went shopping a bit! Then I went to go see all the little kids all ready for prom and taking pictures. Cody wanted to take a picture with me so I asked what we should do and that was my first mistake, "look like you want me, but not really, but like you want it" oh of course he would say that! I couldn't even pretend that if I wanted to hahaha! Then we went to Mi Ranchito, (me, noelle, chad, and Kim) mmmmm so good!! Then to Cabellas with Chad haha oh my gosh we had so much fun! We took so many pictures and funny videos, we are so weird!! Then back to watch the royal wedding, where we got distracted and I ended up in Noelle's Wedding dress! It fit perfectly in every way it was so weird! But then that day was over. I will put up pictures when I get them from her!

Sunday: Lazy morning for sure, singles ward with the girls, break the fast with everyone, misty's for dinner and lots of pictures and scrabble! :)

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