Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This week, although it is only Tuesday, has sure been an interesting one!

Finals have been kicking my butt! Thankfully I am almost done with them! I am done with the testing part, now just have to find the motivation to finish that dang research paper! I honestly dislike research papers more than anything and this one I really could care less about! Ah just gotta push through it and get it done and then done for the summer!! I can't wait for a little break!

I move out tomorrow and back to my parents house, which I am actually really excited for! That will be so nice to be back with the family :) I just love them and they are the best ever! It is going to be really hard saying goodbye to Kiley for the summer and all of my friends here but at the same time it will be such a nice break! Tomorrow is going to be crazy just trying to pack and move and clean! Oh and add a dentist appointment in there!! Can't forget that! Add that to my medical list of the week!!

Yesterday I went to the hospital to get a little women's checkup on a bump I found last friday while trying on swimsuits and she told me it could either be a tumor or a sist, which I could have told you myself. Oh and she also told me that my heartbeat was irregular... like it skips a beat.. I don't know haha whatever. So for the bump they scheduled me an ultra sound which I went to today. The doctor said in fact it is a tumor but he thinks that it is non-cancerous, but you never know. So they gave us the option of doing a biopsy and of course that would be the smartest option! So right there he numbed me up and poked some needles in me and took some samples. I honestly was so surprised at how calm I was about the whole thing. I hate doctors and hospitals and surgery... all that stuff. It didn't take very long. They sealed me up with some tape and gave me some ice packs and I felt great! No big deal. I will say though the numbing is wearing off as I type! They said they will notify me with the results in about 3 days! I really am not worried about it! My great grandma had breast cancer, but at my age it is very rare! But it is definitely an experience! I have always been so healthy and nothing wrong with me so this is a very new thing for me! It aint too bad! :) I just have blue skin for a while from the dye which is no big deal haha. Oh and no worries! I am not telling Cam until I get the results back because he would possibly freak out haha just sayin! I wonder if I will have a small scar... hmmmm.

I go back to work today! I can't lift anything heavy because of the biopsy but that shouldn't be a problem! I haven't been to work in a week because I took it off for spring break and it was pretty nice! Im actually pretty excited! I like work :) I might need a little nap before I go though! Yeah that sounds good :) okay night :)

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