Sunday, March 20, 2011

Called To Serve.

I feel like I have a lot to write about so bear with me. This may get a little personal.

First off to finish with St. Patty's Day, after green eggs and ham with Kye I went to my writing class and then went to meet Kaytlin at Rue 21. We spent the rest of the day together making wonderful green treats, playing Michael Jackson, watching psych, shopping, dinner at Zupa's, and then to the Mr. Viking pageant, which was hilarious! It was fun to see all our old friends and just talk with everyone! I loved spending the day with Kaytlin!! I miss that girl! I hope she is doing wonderful things at Dixie! She is a definite sweet spirit. After taking Kayt back to get her car I went over to Cam's house to say goodbye to Cody, who was on his way to St. George, then just talked with Cam's parents. I ended up talking to Noelle till about 12:40 am about life and had a small melt down when I started talking about the love of my life being so far away. We had a really good talk!

Friday was great! I went to take a test, which was not great at all.... blah! Then picked up my check and headed to the bank to open a new Money Market account... I am growing up which is so crazy! Then off to work where I did much tasking and really just had lots on my mind, which was good because I was tasking so I had lots of time to just think. Basically I have the best friends ever!! We went to Divine Comedy that night and it was such a blast!! I loved it! My friends are awesome and just so fun to be with! DC was so funny because it was BYU comedy so it was clean and genuinely funny! Then me and Kye went to go get frozen yogurt and just blasted music, then back to my house for 3 hours of "what if" haha so so funny!! Again, I LOVE my friends!! Then, I became tired. Off to sleep for me :)

Saturday: I finally got to sleep in!! Thank goodness!! I went to my Mom's Relief society thing with Jamie and that was really good!! Then on my way home to change and pick up Kye to go shopping I got a call from mom saying that I had a letter from Elder Schow "Casey" waiting for me back at home. I seriously did not know what to think. The last I had heard from him was back in September when I wrote him and told him I was dating someone and that we just needed to be friends and then I never heard back from him again. So I really just was nervous! I think I was nervous that I would have feelings again or something. But when I got the letter, after shopping with kiley, and read it I had no feelings whatsoever which I knew I wouldn't so I don't know why I worried about it! It was interesting for sure! He started out apologizing for being a jerk and that he wasn't a good friend and how it hurt when I told him but he wants us to be friends, then he goes on and tells about his mission and how he loves it and all the highlights from his mission. Then at the very end he tells me to tell my boyfriend good luck on his mission for him and that he is going to love it.... weird! Yeah I don't know! So then I got back and sewed some lace at the bottom of my dress because it was too short and then got ready for the BYU invitational dance while watching the BYU basketball game, which we won!! :) I loved how my dress, makeup, hair, everything turned out!! I just wish Cam could have been there ya know? But then Me, Kayla, Jacob, Lisa and Mikaela went to the dance and it was so much fun!! I loved it! I miss dancing!! But they wouldn't play any hip hop music so when we got back we turned some on in my car and were dancing in the street! A few people came and joined us and it was actually way fun!! After that I was exhausted!! I really like came and sat with everyone and was just dead silent because I was so tired!!

Kiley had a date with Josh that night and I kinda got irritated because everyone knows they like each other and we got back from the dance and they told Jenny to knock on Kiley's door to see what they were doing and I really should have said something but she was already out the door and it was just kinda rude, because they were on a DATE! You kinda just don't interrupt something like that! Some people just need to learn how to think! So then everybody kinda just barged in on their date... I felt so bad and I could tell Kye wasn't too thrilled either. But I know she still had a great time!! They are so cute together and she deserves someone who will treat her right and that is very strong in all aspects. I am still bothered by the disrespectfulness of the whole situation though... some just need to grow up a little.

Today was really good though!!! I completely died last night because I was so tired!! I went to Jeff Allred's homecoming with Mindy, Lacey and Lindsay. I will be honest, I will not name names, but I do not have a particular liking for some of the people I saw today. I feel uncomfortable around them and again it comes back to, people just need to grow up! I get bothered by it if you couldn't tell! Anyways... Jeff did amazing and he has grown so much! Then we ate at his house and that was still kinda awkward and bothersome but good! Then me and Minds went back to her house and talked for a while. We talked about work and also about Casey and Cameron and the more I talk about Casey, the more I realize how much in love I am with Cameron! I absolutely love that feeling!! Like there is no confusion at all and It is just nice to know! I did cry today though durring the opening song at Jeff's homecoming, "called to serve". Just because March has really been a hard month. All the others have gone by so fast and of course I miss Cam all the time, but not to where I am crying about it but this month has had it's fair share of break downs and it has just gone by so slow!! But things are still good!! So during the song I was thinking about Cam's homecoming and how amazing it is going to be for him to be home finally and to hold him and kiss him and just see him!! I am going to love it!! So after Mindy's I went to my parent's and fell asleep for 2 hours then off to their fireside. It was good!

After the fireside I went over to Austin's house to congratulate him on his call to Sao Paulo, Brazil and just talk with him!! I miss him!! My Ozzy :) I stayed there for a good 2 and a half hours just talking about everything!! I love that him and all the other guys in my ward are so open with me and can talk to me about anything!!! We talked about friends and the past and the future and he is so excited for his mission!! It will be so good for him! We have been like brother sister since we were little and I still consider him a brother!!

I do miss my Cam so much!! He is doing absolutely amazing!! Email day tomorrow and I can't wait!! :) I love every time I get to hear from him! He is truly the love of my life and I would do anything for him! There is no doubt in my mind that we should be together and that he is the one for me.. meant for me to make me a better person! He is my strength! He is my best friend! I love that I can still tell him everything and that he is still my sweet Bug :) He always will be and he will always have my heart!

This week I want to work on being more spiritual and getting things done. No laziness!! This week is going to be a turning point week for me and the Lord is going to help me 100% of the way!! I need to rely on him to help me through everything if I just do what he asks and am obedient! This will be just a great week!! :)

P.S. It is late so pictures will be coming soon.

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beka said...

Sky! Hang in there girlie! I can tell you are filling your life with wonderful things while Cam is gone!
How awesome you got a letter from Casey. I got a letter from him last week and it was so good! He really is an awesome boy and has learned a lot from his mission. I am glad you two are friends :)